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Glasses has arrived!

My YJ stash arrived yesterday.. There were 9 glasses, 1 pair of pants and 2 pairs of shoes (which doesnt fit). So we had fun playing with all the glasses and we finally settled on which is for who. Click the photo for more photos (on DoA). Galad is also wearing the pants, an sdc brown Volks pants that I went *grabby hands* at SephXIII's.

Rie is also back from phoenixlancer's. Gosh he's been in that outfit for a month >_> Poor guy... I'm going to unstring him and give him a bath to get ready for pending payments..


Bloooo hoodie!

Kali models a stripey blue hoodie. The fabric is super soft, super thin and super stretchy like you wouldn't believe. Very nice! Bleh, I need a new sewing machine.. one that can do zig zags! XP That zig zag up there? I did it manually.. T_T


Jailbait kidz XD

(posted on DoA)

The fabric from ebay that Catherine helped me buy. <3 I love how smart they look ^_^;;

Fabrics and Galad 4th faceup

Remember the fabrics I was talking about? I received them last week, and some other fabrics from ebay, a dark dark blue (almost black) helped by catherine, and a black and cream from a seller in australia.

Kali is modeling 3 of the new fabrics.. Isn't the white one with spiders and skulls and glittery gold very pretty? The black and cream is nice scaled too, and the blue stripes is very bright and happy ^^

Random stuff

Look.. Kali's hair is the same as SephXIII's (rukiyo) !!

She and phoenixlancer came over the other day for some pants fitting (SD16 to Lati Red) as she wanted to get some Hound pants that Diverse Designs were selling, but unfortunately it didn't fit on her Yuki/Silren..

Here's a group photo of the night!

Yes, Kali is back on her body, as Dana is being traded to the girl who has her on layaway, for a mnf boy body that she put up for sale. Yes what a confusing but happy ending anyway. So, Dana is flying off soon, and then we'll receive the mnf boy body within 2-3 weeks. And then, another 2-3 weeks for the head to be shipped to me, after eye-opening and faceup by someone in the USA. Not decided who yet. Then I'll be getting Rathi next ^^

Galad in SmallPackages hoodie

Demon hoodie I bought from tsuli/smallpackages arrived a few days ago and I'm very happy with it! Its actually made/sized for Unoas.. but hey, they fit SDCs too, its stretchy afterall.

Here's my handsome man...


Mmmm love the demon wings.. 


Elf Shiwoo vamp head..

Here it is!

The little TEEEFFF... <3

I have found someone who wants a normal MNF Elf Shiwoo in white skin... Oh so so excited!!


Mini Fee ELF Shiwoo!!!!

Oh yes! Thank you Luts for giving us a LAST MINUTE NOTICE!! T__T

Tho, its probably caused by me. I sent in an innocent inquiry on the 20th as to when they are releasing MNF Shiwoo Elf so I can grab the vamp head .. I asked them so that I can plan my purchases aka not get in trouble when they actually release it and I had just spent the money on something else! I really really wanted the teeth, not the ears.. Vampire Teeth for Alitos!! No less ^_~

And then, 2 days later, they replied to my inquiry by putting him up immediately???? With a one day notice?! T__T

I certainly dont have enough for him as a whole, but I have the money for his head alone. (Tho with the long wait time as seen during Elf Shushu, I could probably get his body by the time his head reaches home ^^)

Anyhoo.. if anyone/know of anyone looking to get a White Skin MNF Elf Shiwoo (normal open eyed) and I get the vamp head, please check out my split thread... Thank youuuuu <3

Response from Paypal

Dear xxxx,

Thank you for contacting PayPal with your concern.

I'm sorry, this may be a error message because of system maintence..We
are sorry to inform you that this problem is still under fixing at the
moment.  When it is resolved, you may receive the funds again.

As it is a complex technical problem, we are unable to promise you a
exactly timeframe. In your case, we would suggest you to try again in
the coming few days.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience has caused and much
appreciate for your kind understanding.

Thanks again for contacting us, and thank you for being part of the
PayPal community.

PayPal, an eBay Company

Looks like at least 3 more days to wait and see.......... I hope its solved soon..

halp!! Paypal problem...

Posted in DoA, reposting here if any of the Malaysian Paypal users have the same prob..

Hi all, I need your help and to see if anyone has the same problem as I have and if they've solved it..

See, I'm using my boyfriend's paypal (Malaysian verified aka Non-US account) to be able to receive funds from buyers. Paypal did not offer their services to Brunei Darussalam when I first joined the hobby and yes, paypal was the best option to buy and sell with. Luckily my boyfriend is Malaysian and was able to sign up for me.

Paypal services for Malaysia - I was able to receive and send funds. He added his credit card so it is a verified account. To accept funds, I did have to manually accept each transaction and I am asked to add a US Bank account everytime. I was able to skip this and just choose the option "Accept funds without adding a bank account" all the time.

Today, I received a payment and I was asked to enter bank account details - a US Bank account details, which I obviously do not have, and I was not able to skip this to accept the payment, so its still waiting on Accept/Deny status...

Has anyone encountered this problem before? Please respond if you know a friend who've this problem.. maybe even the Malaysian account holders.. did any of you get this?

Thanks a lot for all your help..

ps: I'm using Premier account already, not Personal..

impdoll crew

Galad - SDC Miko
Kali - KD Ani MNF
Ash - LD Green Lea

Alitos - WS MNF Shiwoo Elf

Rathi - (NS MNF Lishe)
Lucian - (LJ Hades)
Fatin - (Yo SD Papi)